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Welcome to Pro Prick Tattoo and Body Piercing, your premier tattoo and body piercing shop in Parkland, WA. Whether you are looking for your very first tattoo or are in search of adding another tattoo, our tattoo artists are here to guide you through the process. No matter what kind of tattoo you think of, our artists have the tools, skills, and resources to get it done.

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Here at Pro Prick Tattoo and Body Piercing, we are confident in our abilities to provide the highest quality tattoos and piercings. We will thoroughly make sure that every ink is executed with care and precision. We understand that inking something permanent on your body is a huge step, which is why we strive to make sure that your tattoo meets all of your needs at a reasonable price. In addition, our tattoo shop ensures that all of our clients feel comfortable throughout the entire process. So for more information about our services, contact us at Pro Prick Tattoo and Body Piercing today!

You can also reach us using our secondary line: (253) 503-0652

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